Katie Wilson Headshot
Katie Wilson has been a working actor in Los Angeles since she moved there in 2008.  Katie's hosted a number of shows. You can see her on Hallmark Movie Channel's and TVGN's Planet 360 as a "Geek Peek" correspondent.  She has also hosted multiple entertainment/geek/gamer shows online such as Phil Defranco's "Like Totally Awesome, and "Like It Love It."  Katie has also appeared on KTLA's travel shows, "America's Best," "California Adventure TV" and "Passport To Explore."

Katie's movie credits include, SyFy Channel's 2012: Ice Age, 3 Times A Charm, and Bobby Fischer Live. She is also involved in a number of web series and sketches including The Dark Horse, Walking in Circles, Beer of Thrones, Six Figures, Until College, and Machinima's Walk of Shame. Katie also creates medieval/fantasy/geek/gamer vlogs twice a week on YouTube.com/LegendofKatie.